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Who invented BMF 219?
21 October,2021
BMF-219 was internally designed and developed by a group of chemists led by our Chief, Thomas Butler, at Biomea Fusion. We currently leverage our Fusion platform at the Biomea Fusion Innovation Center to continue this discovery and development effort for future clinical candidates.
How long have you guys (Tom and Ramses) been working together?
18 October,2021
Tom and Ramses started working together in June of 2013, when Tom joined Pharmacyclics. They later ran an investment fund together called Point Sur Investors. The majority of the team at Biomea Fusion have been working together in the past whether at Gilead, Pharmacyclics, Solara or Access dating back to the late 90’s.
Why is the share price going down ...after the IPO (ahhh) .... are things not going well?
13 October,2021
I cannot comment on the share price, as you may know. Things are actually going really well! We cleared the IND and are now working on initiating our first clinical study. We also kicked off several preclinical programs which explore the potential benefits of irreversible binding in known cancer targets and lots more. Exciting.
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